Comfort Revolution

About Hydraluxe Gel Technology

A Revolution in Cool

Comfort Revolution Memory Foam layered with Hydraluxe gel technology will revolutionize sleep as you know it. This advanced gel technology gently cradles your unique body shape and provides a cooling, comfortable sleep experience. In fact, a 2011 independent test revealed that the the Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cooling Pillow slept significantly cooler than other sample pillows tested — which included cool foam, ventilated foam, latex, fiber, and down. The Hydraluxe Cooling Pillow exhibited the lowest thermal conductivity properties and stayed cooler longer, taking significantly more time to reach it's maximum temperature. And it stayed cooler throughout the night, with a lower maximum temperature than the other samples, insuring that great night's sleep. Sleep on our Hydraluxe Cooling Pillow to rest softly and wake fully refreshed, ready to live today at your best. Good morning!



Cool gel over memory foam is the revolutionary solution to temperature-perfect sleep



Perfect fusion of comfort & coolness, so you sleep cooler longer



Hydraluxe gel technology enhances circulation for a refreshing night's sleep